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Title: Moving Forward Sometimes Takes a Few Steps Back
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kl_shipper1
Characters/Pairings: Kara/Lee
Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Summary: Sometimes you have to go back to the beginning in order to move forward.
Disclaimer: BSG is not, and will never be mine. I am only playing around with a few characters with this piece of fiction, and no monetary gain is coming from it. It is merely a channel for creativity.
Author's Note: Written as a set of five 100-word drabbles for Pilots Bingo: Season 4 at [livejournal.com profile] no_takebacks. The drabbles were titled "Back To The Beginning" (prompt: Laura), "Remembrance" (prompt: Ellen), "Recognization" (prompt: It's really me), "Breaking The Cycle" (prompt: We thought you were dead), and "Moving Forward" (prompt: I know the way). Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper for the prompts used in this ficlet!


Earth wasn't quite the bright shiny future Lee'd been hoping against hope for. It seemed like in a flash, everything, everyone he'd known were gone. His father, Laura, Kara, until he was left to travel the untouched hills and valleys alone.

Lee began to see them everywhere. The vibrant red of Laura's hair in a sunset. The gold of Kara's hair in sunlight, her green eyes in the rippling grass. He follows those familiar colors, willing to go wherever they take him.

Eventually, he finds the field. Memories, the urge to run, rise up, yet something compels him to stay.


He stands in that field, looking around at the familiar scenery. The mountains where he'd trekked to the first time he was here. The long blades of grass waving gently in the wind.

All was the same as he remembered, except for one major detail missing: Kara. Memories of her and him together, laughing about Ellen Tigh's latest antics, surround him, bringing a sad smile to his face. He'd missed her every moment of each day, but never so much as now, when he feels so close to her it seems like she's right behind him.

So he turns around.


That well-known shade of gold he's been seeing here and there for months is the first thing his eyes take in.

His mind struggles to process what's right in front of him, and his first thought is that he must be crazy-- beyond insane, really-- because there's no way that this isn't a figment of his desperate imagination. And yet, after several blinks, she's still there, standing in front of him.

He's sure he must look completely shell-shocked, jaw hitting the ground and all, because her smile morphs into a trademark smirk as she steps closer.

"It's really me, Lee."


In seconds, she is wrapped up in his arms, any disbelief cast to the side when he feels real, solid weight in his arms and smooth skin to run his hands over.

He speaks into her hair, "Gods, Kara, you... we thought you were dead..."

She tightens her grip on him when she feels him shaking slightly, emotions and shock overwhelming him. "I know, and I'm sorry for that. But I always come back to you."

He steps back slightly, studying her. "For how long? How long until I have to lose you again?"

"This time, I'm here to stay."


He saw that she was serious about staying this time, and nodded slightly, stepping closer again to embrace her.

"I'm glad you're here."

She smiled, "Me too."

They stood like that, wrapped up in each other for a long time, just enjoying being in each other's company again. The sky was beginning to color as the sun started to set when they finally separated.

Lee spoke first, "So, where should we go from here? Got any secret paradises I should know about?"

Kara laughed, "Got bright shiny futures on your mind, Apollo? I know the way. Follow me."

"Wilco, Starbuck."


Any comments & feedback are very much appreciated!
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